Resource conservation and recovery services specializing in developing zero waste programs for residential, commercial and industrial discards and wastewater.

Specializing In
  • County Integrated Waste Management Plans
  • Zero waste plans
  • Source Reduction and Recycling, Siting NDFE, HHW elements
  • Commercial diversion plans
  • Resource Recovery Parks
Program Development
  • Recycling program evaluation and recommendations
  • Organic composting program development
  • Commercial recycling programs
  • Market development and business plans
Grant Writing
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling
  • California Integrated Waste Management Board
  • Foundations
  • New base year
  • Compliance orders
  • Wastewater rate appeals
  • Zero waste
Areas of Expertise
  • Economic and Community Development

    1996- 2003 For San Luis Obispo Solid Waste Authority Analyzed the self haul material disposed of at the Cold Canyon landfill and recommended and consulted to the Authority the design, construction of the Resource Recovery Park

    2001-2002 For the Institute for Local Self Reliance RAA traveled to Hong Kong contracted by Green Peace China, performed a site evaluation and participated in drafting a short and long term Zero Waste Plan for Hong Kong.

    1998-2002 For the Del Norte County Solid Waste Authority RAA participated in drafting the cluster analysis and feasibility study for a Resource Recovery Park at the transfer station site as a part of the Zero Waste Plan, and is currently participating on the implementation of the plan.

1998-2000 For the Urban Corps of San Diego RAA evaluated and reorganized the recycling program to include more customers and handle higher volumes of recycled beverage containers.

1998-1999 For the Institute for Local Self Reliance developed business plans and project costs and revenue estimates for recycling in low-businesses from waste discards.

  • Market Development

    2001-2003 Assist Zero Waste Communities of San Bernardino County in developing new markets for electronics.

    1987-1995 Managed Resource Recovery and Operations for county Public Works Department Solid Waste Section. Developed and implemented 3.5 million dollar recycling grant program. Funded and implemented Mandatory Recycling ordinances in 13 cities and the unincorporated area. Awarded Best Program in California in 1990 and USA in 1993

  • Policy Development and Analysis

    1988-1994 Chaired the County of San Diego Plastic Recycling Task Force

    1980-1990 As Vice President of the National Recycling Coalition developed and won approval of the Board of Directors of a National Recycling Policy position paper

    1980-1993 As President of the California Resource Recovery Association led the development and passage of the California Recycling Plan, the Agenda for the Nineties

    1996-1999 As a CRRA and Grassroots Recycling Network member, worked for the adoption of Agenda for the new millennium calling for Zero Waste

    1996-2001 As a founder of the Grassroots Recycling Network assisted in developing international positions on Zero Waste and Extended Producer Responsibility.

    2000-2003 Policy Director for the California Resource Recovery Association.

    2002-2003 Led Zero Waste Workshops at International Recycling Conference in Geneva Switzerland and Green Peace Conference in Great Britain

  • Program Planning and Management

    1979-1987 Managed Solid Waste authority and joint projects for County Public Works including siting and permitted a new regional landfill. Implemented Recycling programs in 8 cities. Hosted the first National Recycling Congress (1980)

    1999-2000 For Imperial County RAA wrote the State required County Siting Element and Summary Integrated Waste Management Plan and assisted the County in gaining approval and compliance at the State level. RAA also assisted the regional task force in implementing their Source Reduction and Recycling programs.

    2001-2002 For the San Luis Obispo Integrated Waste Management Authority, RAA evaluated construction and demolition ordinances enforcement and commercial recycling, argued policy issues for the Authority at the State level, and assisted with authority market development programs.

    1999 For the San Luis Obispo Integrated Waste Management Authority, RAA researched and documented a new base year for measuring the regions compliance to the State diversion mandate

    2001-2002 For San Bernardino County Richard Anthony Associates has been contracted to be the waste reduction and recycling education coordinator for 15 cities that use the County landfills. This years work program includes media events, CRT and electronic waste collection round ups, waste reduction tool kit, Proud Community Programs to organize cleanup of public lands, web site development, reuse directory and market development through green building materials.

  • Grant Writing

    2000 Urban Corps in an 18-23 youth job-training program. The San Diego Corps has 70 Corps members and 25 staff. Programs include a charter school, recycling, graffiti removal, alternative vehicle transportation, and parks and trails maintenance. For Urban Corps developed 2.5 million dollar program from grant requests to create a commercial and recreational area recycling business, computer repair and recycling business, and an urban stream restoration and open space park maintenance service program for City and State Parks.

  • Wastewater Rate Appeals

    2000 For the Del Mar Fairgrounds RAA quantified sewer service savings resulting from collectin and composting of food discards. The eventual rate appeal resulted in an annual savings for the fairgrounds of over $60,000

    1995-1998 Managed engineering and operations projects for County sewer district. Developed and implemented ordinance that would reduce rates for commercial sewer customers that separated food discards for composting

  • Composting and Organic Recycling

    1998 For the Del Norte County Solid Waste Authority RAA drafted the organic recycling section for their Zero Waste Plan.



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